FAC Funding Application

Arts Support Program

The Fredericksburg Arts Commission (FAC) seeks to support both new and established arts events and projects in the City of Fredericksburg that celebrate and expand the arts in our community.

Through the FAC, arts events and projects can apply and compete to receive financial, networking, and marketing support. For the purposes of competing for this support, FAC defines “arts” broadly and artists - visual, functional, performing, literary, digital, culinary – are encouraged to seek out FAC support for events and projects in our city.

As fiscal resources are limited, support for arts events/projects from FAC is determined via a competitive process. Applicants for support are encouraged to closely follow the application guidelines and keep in mind eligibility and evaluation criteria.

Goals, Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria


  • Support existing local arts events and projects in Fredericksburg

  • Provide support for new arts events and projects in the Fredericksburg community

  • Help increase the awareness of the vibrant Fredericksburg arts community

  • Attract people to the City of Fredericksburg to experience our vibrant arts community

  • Increase the sense of community among local artists

  • Support expansion of arts event and projects in Fredericksburg community


  • Must be primarily an arts-focused event/project and demonstrate a clear correlation with the arts

  • Must include a significant public outreach element and engagement of the Fredericksburg Arts community

  • Must not be primarily a for-profit event/project for a single artist or arts organization

Evaluation criteria:

  • Application form must be completed correctly and submitted by the deadline

  • Application must show additional support from one or more sources, including internal funding, volunteers time, in kind donations, sponsors, or sales

  • Event/project must be clearly arts-focused

  • Event/project must demonstrate support from the Fredericksburg arts community

  • Event/project must show detailed and clearly articulated planning, including timelines, event

    execution plan, and consideration of benefits to the arts community and the city

  • Application must include a detailed budget and plan for use of funds

  • Event/project plan must clearly identify community outreach and engagement actions

  • Events/project taking place outside of the 22401 area code will be considered after review of applications from events within 22401

Application Process

Applicants for arts support from the FAC must submit a completed application form and a proposed event/project budget. The completed application form consists of the following:

  • Basic contact information

  • Event/project abstract (limited to 300 words)

  • Event/project description (demonstration of thorough planning should be incorporated here)

  • Host (artist or organization) description/mission and history/background (limited to 150 words)

  • Impact statement (demonstration of benefits to the arts community and the city as a whole should be incorporated here)

Applications for arts support must be received by the FAC by March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st. The FAC reviews applications in April, July, October, and January. All financial support is dependent on approval by the FAC and all applicants will be notified of the FAC's decision.

It is understood that receipt of support and partnering with FAC does not constitute a recurring obligation for support. Event/projects hosts must submit an application for each occurrence of the event/project for which financial support is sought.

Events/projects supported through this program must identify that support was received from the Fredericksburg Arts Commission in their publicity efforts.

Please contact the FAC via e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions regarding partnering with FAC or to apply for support for an arts event or project.

Click here to download the application form.