Public Sculpture Project 2017-2018

The Project

For the project's second year, The Fredericksburg (VA) Arts Commission (FAC) added two sculpture sites for a total of six self-supporting, outdoor public sculptures to be displayed in prominent locations in Fredericksburg for eleven months in 2017-18.

The Sculptures

Popsicle at Dixon Park

PopsiclePopsicle Dixon Park SiteDixon Park Site
Craig Gray

108" x 72" x 72"
Stucco, concrete, steel

My works are inspired by disappearing roadside Americana. I use recognizable shapes with texture and sometimes brighter colors to create whimsy works. The art created shares an experience of long ago motorway sculpture, before major interstates bypassed the communities, and corporate chain signage dominated the scenery. It is my hope to warm the creative soul and bring happiness to the heart.

Cube in Motion at Old Mill Park

Cube in MotionCube in Motion Old Mill Park SiteOld Mill Park Site
Hanna Jubran
Cube in Motion

120" x 26" x 26"
Painted steel

Each sculpture occupies and creates its own reality influenced by its immediate surroundings. The work does not rely on one media to evoke the intended response, but takes advantage of compatible materials such as wood, granite, steel, iron and bronze.

Vajramantrabhiru at the Train Station

VajramantrabhiruVajramantrabhiru Train Station SiteTrain Station Site
Matthew Mosher

108" x 21" x 21"
Weathering steel

When I create art I endeavor to make manifest physically a feeling or emotion I sense in my whole being. These steel sculptures use a series of increasing triangular facets to create a geometric form. Each face catches light in a unique way because it is at a different angle relative to the others. They reach skyward defying gravity.

CYRO at Princess Anne & Rt. 1

CYROCYRO Princess Anne & Rt. 1 SitePrincess Anne & Rt. 1 Site
Steve Bickley

120" x 48" x 48"
Powder-coated Steel

"CYRO” returns to familiar metaphors of natural symbols that have been the focal point of my sculpture for over 25 years. This symbolic visual language provides an opportunity to synthesize diverse ideas, histories, theories, emotions and opinions into a creative unity. These abstract landscape compositions of natural forces such as earth, water, wind, and air provide the viewer both complicated and minimal interpretations.

The water shape is an important element in this visual and metaphorical vocabulary often presented in its minimal and most recognizable form. The use of stainless steel color and its unique characteristics of light reflection and collection add additional environmental depth to the work.

"CYRO” also reinforces and refreshes the history of metal sculpture. Bridging the gap of the past and present, this new sculpture integrates the tradition of drawing with the latest of digital technology. The textures and color of the work creates an additional visual depth for the viewer with a natural surface that is often in contrast to the mechanical formalism of their construction.

Incendiary at Fall Hill Ave. & Villiage Ln.

Luke Acterberg

138" x 48" x 48"
Painted steel

The work explores relationships between fine art and the subcultures of Americana found in hot-rodding, graffiti, and street art—all of which display extremely high technical values developed outside of academia. I identify with these values and am diligent in my attention to the quality and individuality of each work. While working, I think of the customization process that overturns the standardization of automobile mass production into vehicular uniqueness. I continually play with balance, both physical and aesthetic, creating a visual smoothness or sleekness, what I would call “Super Sleek."

Rings at Wolfe St. & Kenmore Ave.

Adam Walls

91" x 76" x 75"

This sculpture is part of a series that allows natural processes to occur. I have chosen to allow this because of the feelings I have towards this body of work. There are elements involved here that allow me to let go of some of my self-imposed restraints; to allow nature to interact more with my thoughts. Rings is a response to a found object from a scrap yard as I have reconfigured it to have a new life.


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